Q: How do you assemble the Orbitrek X17? 

A: Please watch the videos below

Whats in the box

Be sure to view this first video and make sure you have all the parts required. Be sure to check all packagaing to ensure you have not missed a vital part.

Step 1

Remove the protective fixed tube from the footing

Step 2

Attach the leveling feet

Step 3

Attach the front stabiliser

Step 4

Attach the rear stabiliser

Step 5

Remove the magnetic disk

Step 6

Attach the pedals & straps

Step 7

Attach the magnetic disk

Step 8

Fit the shroud

Step 9

Align the handlebar post with the main frame

Step 10

Connect the resistance cables

Step 11

Connect the sensor wires

Step 12

Connect the handlebar post

Step 13

Fit the shroud

Step 14

Align the handlebar post with the handlebar

Step 15

Connect the console & resistance wires

Step 16

Attach the handlebar to the handlebar post

Step 17

Fit the console batteries

Step 18

Moving the machine

Step 19

Levelling the machine

Step 20

Final inspection

Q: My Shroud is missing 

A: You will find the shroud in the polystyrene packaging when unboxing the unit

Q: Can I download the User Manual 

A: Yes please find the pdf file here

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